Monday, April 06, 2009

promised land

i feel like an isrealite on the verge of the promised land, in a completely inane sports kind of way. since the beginning of february i've been wondering in the wasteland of the sports world. fortunately i've had alot of leftover adrenaline from the superbowl to help me through these dark days, but its been rough, even with the "we're the champions of the world" thing. but finally we are on the verge. as i write this we are about 7 minutes from the first pitch of the 2009 baseball season. as you read this, it will have already begun. baseball. for me right now, its the promised land.
now, i know that its been a rough year for baseball. steroids and stuff. alot of black eyes on the sport, no doubt. but as i look at the picture above, i am reminded that, despite all of the other stuff, baseball is still baseball. it is still a team of men hitting and throwing a ball around. it is still fun to watch and to keep track of. it is still best accompanied by a hot dog. it is still measured out in strikes and scorecards. it still smells like grass and leather, and sounds like cracks of wooden thunder. it still looks like pinstripes and pop ups. after tainted records andovergrown muscles, its still just baseball, after all. the promised land of the spring and summer. back from the dead, baseball begins. welcome to the promised land.

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Crafty P said...

I've been wondering when the baseball posts would begin...

I was just thinking I need to get the boy's new ball caps soon!

tell little miss demontaigne I said YO!