Saturday, April 25, 2009

an open letter to cade on his second birthday

dear caedmon, today you turn two. you've had two whole years to crawl around this little corner of the world, touching and tasting everything to experience it. i hope you would say its been a good two years. it certainly has been a busy two years. you went from baby food to big boy food; from crawling to walking (to running - everywhere); from onesies to sweater vests (well, at least on easter). my point is that you've had a crazy two years, but at least in my opinion, they've been awesome. i am so glad we've spent these two years together.
don't get me wrong, i could have done without some of the late night shananigans, the constant pooping, and the long string of ear infections. i would have enjoyed it more if you could have sat quietly and read a novel or something when the steelers were playing. but despite those minor issues, i have-as ridiculous as it sounds -fallen even more in love with you over these two years. you, with your impossible blue eyes and light fluffy angel hair. you, with your willingness to cuddle. you, with your love of throwing balls. you, with your two full years under your belt, ready for a whole lifetime of running and throwing and learning and tasting and growing. i love you, caedmon charles. happy birthday.


Crafty P said...

that bottom pic is my favorite. please tell me it's blown up to at least 8x10 and framed somewhere in your home? adorable!

happy birthday!

our babies are getting so big!!!

NJ Grandma said...

I can not believe Cade is
"2" - where has the time gone. They grow so fast. Hope you had a great birthday Cade. ~Gail~