Thursday, April 23, 2009

my two superheroes

i have recently discovered that my two sons have alter egos. that's right, i am living with the toddler equivalents of bruce wayne and peter parker. i have secretely recorded this video to prove it.

in all seriousness, you'll likely get a laugh out of this one. enjoy it. and have a great weekend, safe and secure in your comfy homes, knowing that crime doesn't stand a chance as long as these two are on the scene.


Crafty P said...

man, I need a video camera. a flip would be awesome!

so nice that you've shown jack someo of your dance moves!

Mary said...

ummm....too bad it didn't make me laugh. instead...i found myself sobbing by the end. for realzie! i either really miss those two wonderful boys...or i need to hit the sack because im sleep deprived. im thinking its a little bit of this and that.

squeeze all those muscles for me please.

greg. said...

awww..sisterly! it made you cry!?!
seriously, go to bed. sorry about that. i owe you some kleenex, i guess. good night!

stella g. said...

that video makes me so glad we're having a boy. ponies and hearts and kittens are so lame compared with those awesome costumes and dance moves, i mean, crime-fighting moves. great video.