Wednesday, April 22, 2009


don't know if you'll be anywhere near northwest new jersey on may 16th, but if you are, i'd love to see you at our little show at the friendly grounds coffeehouse in flemington. it should be fun. can't give away the setlist right now (still a work-in-progress), but i can tell you we'll be doing covers from a variety of eras, from james taylor to death cab for cutie. so clear out your calendar, tivo whatever is on that night, and join us for a latte and a fun night of music. hope to see you there!


cathyq said...

sounds like fun; wish I could be there. Reordings?

RedBank Billy said...

Way cool, wish I could be there...hmmmm... maybe I can??

greg. said...

there may be a video or two that end up on you tube, so you should at least be able to catch that.

billy, you should, bro! i miss you!