Wednesday, April 01, 2009

15 albums: living with ghosts

number 12 on my list of my top 15 albums is patty griffin's 1996 album "living with ghosts." this is another one of those albums that i heard in college and that has stayed with me ever since. from the very first track, what with its stark vulnerability (just a girl and her acoustic guitar), almost insanity, and passionate vocal, i was hooked. this was patty griffin's debut album and i own every album she has put out since because i cannot seem to get enough of her stories/lyrics/poems/voice. she can belt it, baby. she's got pipes that can mourn, that can soar, that can soul, that can arouse, that can soothe. she's never quite returned to the simplicity of this first album, opting instead for more produced albums with broader instrumentation, but the simple fury of the lone acoustic guitar suits her just fine. check out the song "every little bit" below. enjoy!


Crafty P said...

oooo, I love that album, too. I think I'll pull that one out today and take a trip down memory lane!

Kerri Lee Smith said...

you got me hooked on this one in college. i actually had my engineer listen to Every Little Bit when he was mixing Psalm 23 to get the presence and guitar attack. THANKS for the inspiration!