Thursday, March 19, 2009

throwback thursday: jail

while i've never really been in the slammer, this is a picture of me from 11 years ago when i was thrown behind bars in some restaurant in order to raise money for something that i cannot now remember. i think you normally get one phone call, so i used mine to call my mom (this is a true story) to ask her to make a donation. seriously. i called my mom. can you imagine that conversation?
mom: hello?
me: hi mom. i'm in jail.
mom: what? what happened?
me: um...well, they came and got me in a limo and then brought me to fuddruckers and now i'm behind bars.
mom: what did you do?
me: well, i called you.
mom: no, what did you do to end up in jail.
me: nothing, mom. they want me to get donations to help people with chronic hangnails.
mom: oh. that sounds awful.
me: yeah, its really bad. we only get the regular fries. the curly fries cost extra. and these horizontal stripes make me look heavy.
mom: no, i mean the hangnails.
me: oh, yeah. terrible. hey, can you make a donation to the PACH (people against chronic hangnails) so that i can get out of here?
mom: yes, dear.
me: thanks, mom.


Crafty P said...

not sure what is funnier (is that a word?)- the picture, the conversation or the look on your face.

PACH! too funny!

Rachel said...

I have the same photo of my husband!!! Although hangnails are irritating, I do believe you were raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Did I win the collage?

greg. said...

rachel, i think you are right. and no, the collage giveaway doesn't end until monday, so there is still time for others to be in the running. i'll let everyone know on monday.

Crafty P said...

okay, it's just crazy to see my worlds colliding out here in cyberspace.

Mrs. Milinovich said...

I don't remember that call!!! I am getting old.