Tuesday, March 03, 2009

pea sized

for those who are looking for newer pictures of my two sons, here you. shannon snapped these treasures right after church on sunday. they are doing well, and i am certainly enjoying all the little moments of their growing up. like last night. we normally tell jack that we put a pea-sized bit of toothpaste on this toothbrush. he told his mom last night that he likes when i put him to bed because "daddy gives me a poop-sized toothpaste." art linkeletter was right. have a great tuesday!


cathyq said...

I love after-church pictures! They are handsome and adorable. I want to squeeze them both right now! Give them kisses from memaw

Mary said...

and kisses from teta!

stella g. said...

pea/poop. i love it! and those boys are so stinkin' cute! i can't get over how big they are. and i can't wait to see shannon tomorrow.