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jazz for breakfast

i have begun a new "program" in our house which i am calling "jazz for breakfast." having just finally replaced the broken needle on my panasonic record player, i am now able to enjoy my large lp collection, and i figured this would be a great way to do that. i also want read an article yesterday about a book that i really want to read and the author was suggesting that one of the things we are called to be doing is cultivating culture, that is, passing down to younger generations that which is good and beautiful and points us toward God. and so i am feeling somewhat inspired to make sure that my kids hear good music. that being said, i started our new jazz for breakfast this morning, in which each morning while we eat our oatmeal or toast or cereal or pepperidge farm pizza flavored goldfish, we will listen to a different jazz album, until i run out of albums to listen to. then maybe we'll move to "cheesy christian rock from the 80's for breakfast." until then, its the sweet sounds of jazz. we started this morning with this swingin' concert from 1938.

the kids loved it. they were dancing like crazy. i'm pretty sure cade sprayed milk all over the kitchen as he prefers to dance with his milk-laden spoon in his little hand. jack told me he wished there was a harmonica in the song. we listened for various instruments, and clapped along with the carnegie hall crowd when each song was over. it should be a fun experiment that will, at the very least, teach my children that those large black circles are not frisbees, but sweet crackly music.


Craig L. Adams said…
The jazz sounds great. The ""cheesy christian rock from the 80's" doesn't. What kinda stuff y'got?
greg milinovich said…
umm...alot of petra and whitecross and whiteheart. i've got someother gems, too, like stryper and others, although a few years ago i purged a bunch of my collection because of the itinerant system. you know about that, i assume.
Craig L. Adams said…
OK. I see. Now what GOOD stuff do you have. I see you've got Benny Goodman. Is you're collection all swing? Is there some Dizzy Gillespie or Charlie Parker or Thelonious Monk etc in there too? Any more modern stuff. (I'm a Monk fanatic myself.)
greg milinovich said…
haha! sorry, man, i misunderstood your question. as far as my jazz vinyl goes, i have some swing, but also some miles davis, coltrane, and monk. my most extensive catalog would have to be brubeck, though, because i absolutely LOVE dave brubeck. i've got artie shaw and ella fitzgerald and ellington and basie. stuff like that.
Craig L. Adams said…
I've kinda gone back & forth on Brubeck. I love listening to Paul Desmond play, but for quite a while I considered Brubeck himself over-rated. I've recently reconsidered that view.

Anyway, it sounds like you've got a wonderful collection.

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