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another collage giveaway

paper collage on cardboard panel
gregory a. milinovich
i'm giving away another collage. from time to time it occurs to me that most of my collages are just sitting around my house collecting dust, not really doing anything. even though i have several of them for sale here, they're not flying off the shelves, as you can imagine. so i thought i would give another one away, just for kicks and grins. the collage is called "george" and you can see it above. it is unframed. i made it about 7 years ago. if you would like to win it, here's what you do:
-leave me a comment in the comments section (just click on the word comments down below)
-you comment must include some way for me to get in touch with you, should you win
-you can only comment once
-you must comment by monday, march 23rd at noon.
-your comment order will be your chance to win. i will do a drawing on the 23rd. if i draw a 9 and you are the ninth comment, you win. whether you want to or not!
alright, friends. comment away!


Anonymous said…
Oooh, draw #1! I want it.

A-hem. This reminds me of a cheer.

We're #1, you must be #2! Cuz we're gonna beat the WHOOP-DEE outta you!

Carry on. You can contact me on Facebook when I win. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey, I want to be in the running for the collage give away. First I thought you said College give away and I need one of those as well, but I was wrong.

But, to win a collage with a picture of your wife in one corner and you in the other would be special. And to have your grandfather towards the middle, that is just a bonus.

You know how to reach me - I am around. Jim Bielefeldt
Joel B said…
3 is my lucky number so i am going to win. im not sure if i really want this one but it is worth the shot. just yell from your office and i will hear you.
Rachel said…
Greg! I think I should win because stars are my absolute fav!!!! Right now, get in touch with Christina and ask her, she'll verify!!! I love it. I'm going to Facebook you now so you can tell me that I won! :)
NJ Grandma said…
OK - here I am with a comment - I WANT TO WIN!!! I am ready for another Milinovich original. Gail
Megan said…
I'm #6 - my favorite number. I'm definitely going to win!
Mary said…
number 6 is MY favorite number! but seven is heaven...

i think #3 should be eliminated...yell that to him down the hall would ya already!?

i really love ALL of your collages :)
Greg! Happy St. Paddy's Day! I heart your collages, we both heart the Steelers...this seems like an obvious choice to me :) Cheers buddy.
Oh, and you know where to reach me :)
Cindy M. said…
I am commenting below... as stated... cause I love your collages.... and I love this one inparticular cause George is a personal favorite of mine!

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