Tuesday, March 24, 2009

15 albums: pro pain

so most of the music on the list of 15 albums has been pretty similar. i tell everyone that i love all kinds of music (opera, jazz, rap, metal, hiphop, classical, blues, gospel - i never met a style of music that i couldn't enjoy for at least a little while), so today's album, 11th on my list of 15, is a rap album: pro pain by mars ill.
while the terrain of the hip hop/rap landscape is often marred by lowest common denominator songs celebrating sex/money/violence, there are some artists using the genre to create some pretty amazing art. one of those artists is the duo from atlanta, georgia who call themselves mars ILL. they make some great sounding music with solid head-nodding beats and clever sampling, while at the same time providing some intellectually stimulating rhymes that challenge the listener. i know for many of you this might not be your "cup of tea," but one of my guiding principles in life is that there is beautiful art everywhere, and that this art shows more of God to me, if i let it. check out the video below. it is their song "more," which is a kind of manifesto of what they are all about. and if you don't like it, sorry. album 12 is coming up soon!

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Questing Parson said...

Just discovered your blog. This is too much. I'll be back.