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here's a bit of presidential trivia for your president's day "day after."
two and a half years ago, it was reported that when george w. bush traveled to austria, a special portable toilet was flown in with him for his use while in that country. apparently, the secret service was concerned that if president bush were to use the public plumbing, someone might tap into the system and steal his poo, which might help them discern top secret information about the president's health. so the president performed his private payment in a personal potty, from which the poo/pee was collected and sent back to the u.s. for proper - and covert - disposal.
the secret service had good reason for their poop protection. the flushed feces of other world leaders has been secretly siphoned before, in an effort to determine the real health situations of those leaders. one can never be too careful, i guess. still, would you want to be the security guard on detail for w.'s poop? guarding a little brown box all the way from austria?
it's a crazy world, people. a crazy world.


Emoly said…
my thought is this: so if Air Force One (or whatever vessel the Presidential poo/pee was on) crashed, they would not only be looking for the black box, but also the brown box....???
Crafty P said…

oh geesh.

good one emoly.
John said…
The story doesn't pass the smell test;)

Who are these unnamed Austrian sources that Madsen cites?
greg milinovich said…
john, i can't verify the story. every place i can find it on the web is the exact same story. although i first read the story in a place dealing specifically with poo, not with making any political statements. my hunch is that while the story is meant to be humorous in its tone, there is a bit of truth in it.

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