Tuesday, February 03, 2009

jack's 4th birthday, part 2

this sunday was not only the superbowl, but also part 2 of jackson's birthday party, complete with a second shark cake made by shannon. here are a couple views of the cake itself.

we let jack put the candles into the shark cake, and this is where they ended up.

and the shark cake itself was red, as in bloody, and here you can see the birthday boy digging in. it is so great to be able to celebrate the big days in your children's lives with family who loves you. we are blessed indeed.


Rebecca said...

What an awesome cake! Love where he chose to put those candles...a 4-yr. old's mind is certainly an amazing thing!

Seriously, though, it bears repeating...what mad skills you wife possesses in making such an awesome cake.

Rebecca said...

and i'm back...because i keep seeing you threaten your friendships with those who don't own terrible towels and even though we aren't bff's or anything...i just want you to know that i do have a terrible towel...actually that should be plural, towels.

i don't want to get kicked off the blog.

Glenn said...

Our "baby" girl is going to be 3 this Sunday (02/08). She wants an applesauce cake with her picture on it. I have no idea what that means. Uh, what's it going to be like at 4?

Anonymous said...

ask shannon if she can make us a shark cake with a cross and flame coming out of it, or wait, how about jonah sticking halfway out the mouth with blood and stuff - for our 170th birthday celebration, of course!!! that would rock the congregation and seal shannon's place in our hearts for generations to come.

by the way, your kids are 2 cute!!!

julid (yes, i'm back now that all the squealers blather seems to be mostly over for now)