Thursday, February 05, 2009

the end of a season

do you see what that is? a plain white box. yup. nothing special. nothing exciting.

that's my family room right now. for the last several weeks its been alive with color (well, two colors, mostly: black and gold), and full of excitement. its been dotted with steelers banners, steelers blankets, steelers figures, steelers glasses, steelers silverware, steelers playing cards, even steelers cereal boxes. but today, as per my wife's instructions, i took it all down. now it is an empty canvas, a hollow grave-like reminder that football season is over. the barren walls mock me with their foot after foot of merchandise-less emptiness: "ha! football season is over! now you have to wait until next year to cover us again with hines and ben and troy and towels that are terrible."

alright walls. i see how it is. you win for now. but i'll be back next year.

still, the emptiness is much sweeter when your team was the one who didn't finish with a loss. oh, you didn't hear? the steelers are superbowl champions for the sixth time! take that, you undecorated walls.

now, i know that many of my readers couldn't be happier that football season is over, because you're tired of coming here to my blog only to find more stuff about the steelers ("a letter to coach tomlin, greg? really? i didn't know you were that guy!). and so, i am pleased to tell you that, after this one, there probably won't be many steeler posts for awhile. for those of you who stuck with me through the last several black and gold weeks, thanks. for those of you who enjoyed all the steeler mania, i'm glad you were along for the ride. there will be more to talk about come contract and draft time.

and so, to close out this season, enjoy these pics from the superbowl.


Jess said...

No more Steeler posts?!?!?! We're only six months away from preseason! It's time to start talking about number 7!

Crafty P said...

Well, as Vinny said the other day, as I expressed concern for your loss of all things football once the Superbowl was over, Baseball season is right around the corner!

Rebecca said...

I just really love the "per my wife's instruction" part.

Anonymous said...

but, dude. buckeye season NEVER ends!!!!!!!!!!!yesterday was signing day, can the kickoff classic be far behind? julid

Erin said...

i for one have quite enjoyed your steeler posts and have read most of them. they helped get me all riled up for the games! and i always enjoyed your post game analysis just as much as the post-gazette's!
i hear you about mourning the end of the season. it's even worse for me b/c i don't do baseball... so for me, there's some March Madness coming up, and after that, nothing 'til August. Think Spring, think spring, is the motto here...