Wednesday, February 18, 2009

15 albums: time out

so i've been getting some complaints that many of my readers haven't heard of most of my 15 albums. deal with it. if you want to read about what everyone is listening to, check out the home of teen magazine, or rolling stone (teen magazine for adults). but if you want to know what moves me, then keep reading. and, i promise, there will be at least a couple more that you've heard of.

today's album (5th on the list) is the dave brubeck quartet's time out. considered by many jazz aficionados as a bit too accessible, or pop, this album is nonetheless nothing short of a work of amazing art. designed as an experiment with different time signatures (hence the name), and reluctantly released by columbia records, the record had fantastic popular success, with the song "take five" rising to number 5 on the pop music charts. regardless if you look down your nose at this or not, this album has become an important part of the history of jazz.

for me, personally, i found out about it about 10 years ago, and have been in love with it ever since. i have sucked up every brubeck recording i can get my hands (an ears) on. paul desmond's sax and joe morello's drums, along with brubeck's piano is a bit of heaven for me. i have listened to this album so many times i can sing most of the solos to you. enjoy this live clip of the quartet playing "take five" in 1961.

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Anonymous said...

I heart Dave Brubeck - thanks for reminding me. i knew this was going to happen, so please add the following to my faves list i e-mailed last week. Santana, Caravanserai - 1972; Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense - 1984; Janice Joplin, Cheap Thrills - 1968; and Joan Jett, I Love Rock & Roll - 1981.

By the way, if you ever do one of these for fave books, just know I will go totally apoplectic and you'll just have to shoot me with a tranquilizer gun.

can't stop the music.....julid