Friday, January 23, 2009

off to honduras

tomorrow i leave for honduras. that's right. tomorrow. honduras. for a week. many of you probably didn't know that, but its true. i leave bright and early tomorrow morning with a dozen or so folks from my church, and we'll be in honduras for a week helping out an institution down there called the lamb institute. its going to be a great week of sharing hope and joy with whoever we meet, and probably learning a great deal about contentment and real happiness from the same. i look forward to working with my hands, enjoying the weather, meeting up with eric, enjoying some honduran food, and building some deeper relationships with the people i'm traveling with. but there is one little thing....
when i signed up to go on this trip, i looked at my calendar and saw that it was relatively clear, and that was that. it wasn't until later that it occured to me that the trip was right around playoff/superbowl time (i know, i know. you thought i was a better fan than that...). as soon as i realized this potential crisis, i immediately checked the nfl schedule and realized that i wouldn't be missing any game action, as i return the day before the superbowl. i was instantly relieved and back on speaking terms with God.
i'm not sure that i'll have much internet access while i am there. i have set up a blog for our team to be able to share our stories/pictures with anyone who would like to read/see them, so you can go here if you want to see how our trip is going. i have also pre-posted the rest of the superbowl countdown, so you can countdown to the big game by checking back here each day.
keep me and our whole team in your prayers. for safety. for endurance. and, particularly for me, for going a whole week without much steelers coverage. :) have a great week, and i'll catch you later.


Anonymous said...

hopefully you don't get stuck down there and miss the football game! that would suck.

stella g. said...

thanks for your comment on my blog. coming from you, it meant alot. also, i hope honduras meets every expectation. i'll be checking your other blog to hear what you're learning and who you're meeting. enjoy, stay safe, and don't drink the water!