Wednesday, January 21, 2009

jack's 4th birthday, part 1

we celebrated part 1 of jackson's 4th birthday this weekend. since we have grandparents coming from different places and at different times, we often have to split it into 2 separate celebrations. so this weekend my mom and dad and sister were in town and we had the chance to celebrate with jack, who had wanted a shark cake, as you can see. shannon is amazing with this stuff, and i just had to share with the all of you her creativity and ability to make something out of whatever she's working with. i love that gift that she has. the coolest part is that the bottom part of the cake (the ocean) was just some regular confetti cake or something, but the cake inside the shark was blood red. it was awesome.
jack had a great birthday party, and enjoyed his gifts and his cake very much. his real birthday is this coming weekend and i simply cannot believe that he is going to be 4. my dad put it this way: he is 1/4 of the way to driving. wow. when he said that i had to excuse myself to the bathroom for a few minutes. so i'm enjoying this moments while they last!...


Emoly said...

Wow. That is true talent! I wish I had the artistic ability to create like that!!!

Did anyone break out with, "I think we need a bigger boat [table/plate/fork]? he he he

Max02 said...

Cool cake.

word verification: mictac

McDonald's spin on the Tic-Tac.

Crafty P said...

great job shannon! I second the fact that she can make something out of nothing or whatever you said that sounded like that.

may I suggest the Imaginext Bat cave for Jack? it has been a hit with the bigs and littles over here for the past month now! very cool.