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happy 4th birthday, jack!

this morning, while i sit under the egg-blue sky of honduras, serenaded by birds in a different tongue, i am thinking only of the fact that it is my son's 4th birthday today. while i had the chance to celebrate with him last week, i am certainly feeling a bit of father's guilt this morning at not being with him on his day. time is flying, you know. its like my dad told me last week, "you know greg, he's now a quarter of the way to getting his driver's license." so, i'm trying to enjoy each moment as it comes to me. i'm trying to cherish the soft curve of his little calf, and his tiny little toenails. i'm trying to cherish the warmth of his hand when we cross the street and the joy in his face when i get in his bed with him to read some bedtime stories. i'm trying to lock pictures and feelings in my mind of the way he dances, the way he tries to rhyme words, and the way he sometimes comes and cuddles up with me on the couch and says, "daddy, i love you."

and so, happy birthday, jack. sorry i can't be there today. i hope you are having fun with mommy and being really good for her. i hope you know that i love you so much and am crazy proud of you. i am missing you while i am away and when i think of you my heart feels so big and full with your love. remember this picture of us playing in the snow? that was a fun day! i know we will have many more days to play and grow together. thanks for being you. i love you, daddy.


Mary said…
and now I'm crying.... glad that you can still post in honduras...lets me know you are safe! unless you wrote all these aheadof time and shannon is postingthem?

happy birthday to your beautiful son :)
Cindy M. said…
Greg, Where you are and what you are doing will be a perfect gift for Jack in his future. He will be so very proud of his dad! And even at 18, Robert will cuddle with me and say he loves me.... may be Korny, but I cherish those times... and you will have so many more to have with Jackson and Cademon!!! ND... I remember my last time holding hands with both my kids... they are cherished memories!!! Just take the time to do so and you will have those too!!!

Peace and love to you all in Honduras!

Cindy M.
greg milinovich said…
no fears, mary. i'm alive and well in tegucigalpa; livin' large and in charge and rockin' the steelers gear EVERY DAY. awwww yeah!

i got to talk to jack on the phone tonight, which was pretty much priceless for me, so all is well. you can check out updates of our trip by visiting
Crafty P said…
happy birthday to Jack! Love that picture!

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