Thursday, January 15, 2009

dead bird

i've literally had at least 4 people email this to me, so i figured i should put it up here. looks like the poor little rat bird got ran over by a steelersmobile headed for tampa. let's hope that the game resembles this picture closely.


Mary said...

oh man...i thought i was being original and cool in sending that to you! but how about this for cool...I'm changing our last name to MiSteelervich for the weekend :) you. must. comply.

greg. said...

sounds good. taking a cue from pittsburgh's mayor, i, too, will go for a name change. good idea, mary. you may forthwith refer to me as:

gregory andrew misteelervich

cathyq said...

Funny picture. So funny in fact that I sent you a forwarded message containing this picture because I hadn't read your blog yet. Whoops. Sorry. Anyway, still funny Mr. G.A. Misteelervich.