Thursday, January 22, 2009

countdown to the super bowl: 10 days

10 long excruciating days remain until the big game. as they days crawl by, we'll be counting them here at agentorangerecords. each day we'll feature a picture of a key steelers player, and link to a story about them.

today we begin with clutch kicker jeff reed. click here to read a story about the colorful character who is money when it comes to big time kicks.


Crafty P said...

so what you are saying is- no collages, no deep thoughts, no talk of music or books or films. no cute videos of you cute cute boys. nothing crafty, just football?

just want to realize and understand my expectations for agentorange.

Crafty P said...

p.s. what will you do with all your free time after the superbowl?

greg. said...

actually, crafty p, i'll be out of the country all week, and very doubtful about getting internet access and time for blogging. so, i've set up this countdown in advance, but because i can't think of anything else, but because i won't have access for anything else. hope your expecations are clear now. :) enjoy.

Crafty P said...

ooo, out of the country! how exciting! well, I'm sure you'll have lots of pictures and great stories to bring us upon your return. safe travels!