Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tops of 2008

i went running this morning. that in and of itself is an accomplishment, believe me. at 6:30 in the morning on the 31st of december it is dark. and cold. and the wind just whips its mocking screams into your brittle ears, "you're a fool! stay inside and watch sportscenter!" but something posessed me to run. so i did. (run, by the way, is a relative term in that some people run like gazelles and others run like cheetahs and still others run like crippled wildebeasts. i'll give you three guesses which one of the above best describes me.) anyway, as i was running, it began to snow. and not just snow, but really snow. the ground was completely covered in less than five minutes. i actually thought it was pretty cool because i felt like some really dedicated athelete, working out in whatever weather conditions. i imagined that i was in some video montage with an inspirational trumpet-laden song in the background while the camera followed my cheetah-like speed through the snow. but that's not what happened. what really happened is that i couldn't see the side of the road and i twisted my ankle and fell down like some crippled wildebeast. i picked up my pride off the snowy pavement, as well as my glasses, and i limped home.

now i'm on the couch with an elevated ankle and nothing to do but reflect on the last year, so i thought i'd try to think of some of my personal highlights from 2008. these are not official in any way whatsoever, and some of these things might not have anything to do with 2008 except that i happened upon them in this last year. 2008 was a good year, and i hope 2009 is as good.

top albums of 2008:
viva la vida - coldplay
washington square serenade - steve earle
with arrows, with poise - the myriad
begin to hope - regina spektor
vampire weekend - vampire weekend
med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust - sigur ros

top songs of 2008:
vito's ordination song - sufjan stevens
viva la vida - coldplay
hide and seek - imogen heap
city of immigrants - steve earle
falling slowly - glen hansard and marketa irglova
it's love - chris knox
steve's hammer - steve earle

top animals of 2008:

top steeler moments:
beating the cowboys
beating the patriots
beating the ravens (twice)
beating the bengals (twice)
beating the browns (twice) (and being at one of those games!)
winning the division

top movies i saw this year:
batman begins
antwone fisher
lars and the real girl

those are just some of my tops from 2008. have a great new year's eve celebration, and safe and happy new year!



Mary said...

brother!!!!!! i'm so sad for you! i'll say a special prayer for you today! feel better!

euphoricrecords said...

new year's resolution #1: write a blog.