Tuesday, December 16, 2008

smells like beef spirit

haven't finished your christmas shopping? well, good for you. you are officially being rewarded for putting it off until the last minute. just this week, fast food giant burger king has put a new product on the market that will make you the most popular gift giver at christmas since aunt clara. it is a body spray for men called 'flame' and contains a wonderful hint of flame-broiled meat. i mean, what guy doesn't want to smell like a cooked cow? tell me that women wouldn't be just drooling over a man who smells slightly like a whopper. seriously. go here and buy this for the men in your life. they will never stop thanking you.


Crafty P said...

sorry. I guess you won't like your Christmas gift this year. Shannon told me you liked that smell.


Christmas is ruined now.

Anonymous said...

see my comment on the metrosexual post. nuff said. julid

pete s said...

Okay, I can't help wondering: How is this being marketed in India?

"chutney...by davidoff."

Oh, I can see endless comic possibilities here.