Thursday, December 04, 2008

pervade all my imaginations

today i found this prayer written by john baillie, and it really moved me, so i have paraphrased (read contemporized) it a bit and am sharing it here with you today. i really love the line "pervade all my imaginations," if for no other reason that imaginations is plural, which causes it to stick out a bit i think. we don't normally speak of our "imaginations." i suppose that says something about our culture and our economy of time and 'doing.' we don't find it all that valuable to spend a great deal of time with our imaginations, but when we do, have we asked God to be a part of it? is a daydream only a lost moment, a waste of time? or is it a chance to dream with God, to dance with the divine imaginer, the creator of all things imagined like turtles and parrots and aurora borealis? my prayer today would be that God would be present in my daydreams, in my far-off stares, and in my wonderings, just as much as in my praying and ministering and doing. anyway, i hope you have time to imagine today, and that you invite your creator to share that time with you. here's the prayer...
O Holy Spirit, visit with my soul today and remain with me until the day is through.
inspire all my thoughts.
pervade all my imaginations.
suggest all my decisions.
make yourself at home in my will's most inward tower, and direct all my doings.
be with me in my silence and my speech,
in my haste and in my leisure,
in company and in solitude,
in the freshness of the morning and in the weariness of the evening;
and give me grace at every moment in between
to rejoice in your mysterious companionship.
through Christ,


Crafty P said...

that is beautiful and what a perfect picture to go with it! thanks for sharing that with us.

Rebecca said...

I concur...beautiful.

I'm printing it off right now.

Thank you.