Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my art room

hi there, and welcome to the little room in my basement that we like to call "the art room." but first a warning: entering this room is not advised for the faint of heart. a myriad of visual stimuli await all those who dare enter. strange juxtapositions and combinations of previously known items may cause a kind of dizziness or even vertigo. all that said, come on in. some of you might enjoy seeing where i make most of my collages. look around. just don't go all slugworth on me and steal any secrets....

1 comment:

Crafty P said...

LOVE the box that says body parts,
but where is the box that says gorillas, monkeys and apes?

gosh, I wish I lived closer, I could so use some acryllic paints right now for an art project I need to do with the kids.

thanks for the visual tour and oh yes, loved the allusion to slugworth. classic!