Sunday, December 07, 2008

mommas, don't let your babies grow up

to be cowboys. because it will probably end up looking something like this. and you don't want see that. you really don't.
its supposed to be a high of 24 degrees or something for the game in pittsburgh later this afternoon, with high gusting winds and a chance of snow. should be a 'grind it out' running game, which should favor the steelers since the cowboys are down to their third running back. i am optimistic about a steelers victory here. let's go steelers! beat them boys!


Mary said...

ooh that was close. gotta love the big finish though :)

Rebecca said...

We did it in the about a slow starting game and a big finish...GO STEELERS!

I really think we are America's Team.

Stupid cow"boys"...everyone knows you don't send boys in to do a man's job.

I'm starting to here a little Pittsburgh's Going to The Superbowl in my head.

Even if I was shopping during most of the game.