Thursday, December 18, 2008

a milinovich family christmas, 2008

this year, for my contribution to sharing christmas in the blogosphere, i have put together a little video of our christmas season so far. it is 4 minutes long, set to a sufjan stevens song called "come on! lets boogey to the elf dance." pay special attention to the really cool wreath that shannon made. and the sweet dance moves that my children continue to learn from me. merry christmas, everybody. enjoy.


Megan said...

Great job with the video Greg. I love your house at Christmas time -every room is decorated so beautifully and uniquely. I love Shannon's wreath - is she going to be setting up an etsy shop?! I think your Advent sock calendar is pretty cool, but I don't remember how it works? Is there something in each sock, each day or is it a paper with an activity or event that you all do?
I've got that song in my head now - is it too late for a last minute CHristmas mix request?

Crafty P said...

thanks for sharing. loved the kids dancing... so cute.

my favorite was the wreath and all the nooks and crannies Shannon has placed those gorgeous glass balls. delightful.

Rebecca said...

great video. awesome decorations! love those glass balls as well! love the sock advent calendar. and your boys rocking it out is adorable. have they tried out for dancing with the stars christmas edition yet? oh my are they cute.

thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

That wreath is seriously awesome! I love your vintage style.

Really enjoyed the video. We're planning to make a video Christmas card and had another Sufjan Stevens song picked out....Love it!

And I hope your kids never stop rocking. The bells are a nice touch!

LifeAtTheCircus said...

My kids watched this video with me (b/c yes I read blogs during the day)
and the first thing my daughter said when it ended was, "can we watch it again?"

VERY well done! And your wife does a great job of decorating. Your house looks lovely.

Those kids are adorable too... keep on rockin!!

stella g. said...

those are some fast feet! those kids sure love to rock it out. and we're a big fan of sufjan over here at the grube house, too.

this video makes me miss you guys and wish i could pop over for some christmas cheer. your house is a great combination of the two of you and your fun little family. (shannon, i love you!)

renee said...

hey milinovich family! awesome video. adorable kids. sweet dance moves. beautiful decorations. beautiful family! thanks greg, and merry christmas to you all!

NJ Grandma said...

What an awesome video - you have two shining stars in your family. The boys are getting so big and look like they are so much fun. Have a Blessed Holiday. We miss you all.

mary said...

That was fabuloso :) i'll watch it a few more times and show it to all my friends and then maybe i will have seen enough of the cuteness and the beauty and the fun :)

but probably not :):)

can we have some dance parties when you guys come out? i love dp's

greg. said...

mary, dance parties sound great. we had another one today. so sweet.

mindy said...

GREG. your house is seriously beautiful! (and so are the boys, of course.) tell shannnon to come do my house. :) we've been listening to sufjan's christmas album here in ky, too. and, we miss you! have a very merry christmas. (and how could you not--with those kiddos?!)