Tuesday, December 09, 2008

letter to santa claus, 2008

jackson and i wrote a letter to santa claus last night. i clearly had my input, or else the letter would have been a bit terse: please bring me ___________. so i had to help him out a bit. we would talk about the kinds of things you might say to santa, and then i would ask him how we should say that. this is what we came up with for our letter to santa, 2008...
december 8, 2008
dear santa,
i hope you had a fun year. guess what happened last christmas morning? i woke up and went downstairs and cried because i thought you would be here at my house. but you weren't! mommy and daddy told me you had to go to other kids' houses. i was sad because i wanted to see you but then i was happy because i opened the presents you brought me. i loved my dragon puppet and dinosaur.
i've been a good boy this year. i am hoping that you will bring me the remote control dinosaur named spike. my brother caedmon would like a car he can ride in, and he's been a good boy this year, too. i hope we will see you in the mall.
merry christmas to you,
ps. we're goingn to leave you some milk and cookies and a pickle on christmas eve. i hope it makes you laugh so hard that i can hear you upstairs in my room!


Crafty P said...


I LOVE that Santa Claus picture!

NJ Grandma said...

What a great letter. How sad Jack thought he would see Santa sitting in his living room waiting for him. God bless him. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Advent season.

Mary said...

aww :) i like the laughing comment :)

cathyq said...

I'm still trying to stay up long enough to hear Santa! I love this letter; it really does sound like Jack!