Saturday, December 20, 2008

ho ho ho

we took the kids to see santa claus this week, and amazingly there were no tears! cade was a bit apprehensive about it, and just had a bit of a blank stare for most of the time, although he did do 'the elvis lip' thing he does when we ask him to smile. they did a great job and jack earnestly told him what he and cade want for christmas. he even told him that he would be leaving him a pickle! jackson is really excited about santa's arrival this year, so much so that he informed me that i need to get the snow off the roof so that it is safe for him to land on the roof with his sleigh and all. it is fun to see christmas through the eyes of children. when he hears "santa claus is coming to town" his eyes just light up with joy. as a dad, that's about the best christmas gift ever.
if you don't check back in before christmas, of if i don't get much of a chance to update, i hope you simply have a wonderful christmas time.


Mary said...

they look like little angels :) i can't wait to see them again.

and you. though you aren't always as angelic :) :)

cathyq said...

They both have the "deer in the headlights" look on their faces. Oh the "Joy of sitting on Santa's Lap!!!" There was an article in the Post Gazette today about that very topic. They had people send in pictures of children sitting on Santa's lap screaming and reaching for their parents. So funny. Are we having fun yet!

Crafty P said...

great pictures. I just posted ours!