Wednesday, December 17, 2008

happy birthday eugene levy

happy birthday, eugene! btw, i love your new glasses in this profile pic. omg, they totally don't make your eyebrows look bigger. are we related? cause most of my relatives have eyebrows like yours. ttyl.


Anonymous said...

sorry, i'm on a roll today. i have to comment here too because eugene is the absolute best. i'm running out to rent splash, my favorite levy movie - also my favorite john candy movie. the scene where they are playing raquetball and he has a cigarette in his mouth and a beer in one hand is classic. makes me laugh so hard one depends is never enuf. peace,julid

cathyq said...

Yes, I actually thought it was a picture of your dad when I only scrolled down to see the top of his head and eyebrows! Too Funny. By the way, I also love that John Candy scene. As I recall, people were actually watching them play too!