Friday, December 19, 2008

happy birthday alyssa milano

happy birthday, lis! hope your big day is charming. btw, you never got back to me about that question i asked you. in case you forgot, i was just wondering...who is the boss? let me know.


Crafty P said...

funny. I just watched tony danza on the bonnie hunt show last night (although it was last week's show).

he looks great is hosting the show, The Contender.

just thought you might like to know that little tidbit.

Rebecca said...

i always thought she was super cool on who's the boss.

fyi~it takes everything i have in me for the love of the english language to not properly capitalize here...i just caught onto your dislike of capitalization when i read your steeler blog post.

so sorry for all the caps i've ever typed before.

have a good weekend.

greg. said...

crafty, umm thanks. i'm always up for the latest news on tony danza. i wonder when his birthday is...

rebecca, no need to worry about the caps. i don't expect the rest of the world to cooperate with my lower case love. in fact, i realize that if they did it would result in chaos. no one would know where sentences begin, not to mention the waste of several keys on the keyboard (two shifts and the dreaded caps lock). anyway, feel free to capitalize until your hearts content here. just don't expect it from me. i'm a lower class freak. but thanks for noticing.


Rebecca said...

seriously? i just clicked on the amazon link for your favorite are an enigma, greg.

and please, i draw the line at reading a post that would detail any of the content in that book.

draw. the. line.

not walk it...draw it.

the johnny cash reference made me giggle even if it was a little corny

Anonymous said...

are you serious!!!