Monday, December 22, 2008


wow. it is monday morning and i have a sports headache this big. you might think that it is only attributable to the steelers pitiful performance yesterday in tennessee. and that was certainly part of it, but i need to give credit where credit is due. so, in no particular order:

-thanks to dwayne bowe for scoring me all of 2.8 points, and to both ronny brown and leon washington for crapping on my team as well. oh, and let's not leave out phillip rivers the quarterback for the team i was playing. after my quarterback, peyton manning threw up 32.66 points for me, i thought i was golden. but that was until rivers decided to go ahead and go off with 35.18 points. thanks, phil. that was the championship game. and unless greg jennings scores 40 points in tonight's game, i'm done. a buffalo bills-type loss. thanks, guys.

-thanks to the steelers defense, who looked tired and lazy and out-willed by the titans, and who ruined my sunday afternoon. thanks, guys.

-hey wait, there's some good news, too. i wasn't only in the superbowl in my one fantasy league, but i was in the superbowl in both of my fantasy leagues.

-which leads me to my next round of thank you's. a huge thanks goes to kurt warner (1 freaking fantasy point!) and the tampa bay defense (NEGATIVE THREE POINTS!) for your big time contributions to my double decker embarassment of a fantasy football equivalent of marv levy and the bills.

-so, just to be clear, i was in the superbowl in both of my fantasy leagues, which is pretty cool in and of itself. but i lost both of those games. congratulatory cigars all around, boys.

-finally, i want to thank keith bullock and lendale white from the titans, who went ahead and did this:

as a huge steelers fan, i want to thank you guys for your class in stomping all over the flag of steeler nation. that was beautiful. not only did you look like poor winners, but in that one act caught on national tv, you signed a deathwish come playoff time. better start praying now that you don't get a rematch. next time the steelers defense won't be so willing. and the ghost of myron cope can't be too happy about this eithier. double yoi!

oh, and one more thing....stay classy, guys.

now the steelers have just one more meaningless regular season game to go and then the playoffs. hopefully reality is better than fantasy. and hopefully i can get rid of this headache soon (and greg jennings catches 6 touchdown passes tonight).

gotta go get some advil now.


Laurie said...

I hope Jennings comes through for you.


A Packers fan

Mary said...

just as he was about to do the unimaginable to the terrible towell...i flipped the channel as quickly as possible because I couldn't stand to even see such disrespect. they better have to pay for that because if that makes ME out for the painted faced, beer guzzling, tobacco spitting, steel working, myron worshipping, steeler basically watch out for you greg :) hehe.

Anonymous said...

hope your headache is gone. now quit whining. at least you're in the playoffs. how big do you think my headache is after another season as a loyal brownie fan? oh well. i've been saying there's always next season since the third week. peace, julid