Saturday, November 22, 2008

an early christmas video for ya'll

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Mary said...

oh so funny. id like to see a reinactment at thanksgiving :) pack the striped tights!

Crafty P said...

aw man, you beat me to it! i was getting ready to get my "elf yourself" video up before you this year! cute!

Amy said...

Well, some women are Army Wives, some women are Desperate Housewives, and some women are the wives of men who run OfficeMax distribution centers.

Guess which one I am.

In any event, we at the Vileation Nation are grateful for your advertisement for OfficeMax. Yes, that's right, somehow OfficeMax sponsors the Elf Yourself experience.

In any event, I must say that you did an exceptional job with lining up the faces, etc...this was extremely entertaining and I was smiling like a nut through the whole shelf work, Agent Orange.