Monday, November 10, 2008

caption contest #1

i'm extremely busy today, with no time to really post, but i couldn't stand to have that thing about the colts on top of the page mocking me, so enjoy this funny picture and come up with a funny caption for it. hope your monday is going better than mine!


Crafty P said...

ho boy. that's hysterical. unlike last night's game.

I'm thinking something along these lines:

Dad came back into the house puzzled, perplexed.
"What is it I asked?"
"Well," he said, "I was out back practicing my stroke and my divet was a bit larger than normal."

"wow, dad!" Sounds like you were hittin' 'em really hard?"

"Yeah, you could say that. I hit the whole side of the mountain right off the back of our yard!"

oh dear.

well, that is what you get when i check into your blog too late at night after a very long day on little sleep.

please. someone save that caption from my awful story.

Emoly said...

DANGER! Hovering Rock

is that funny? Because that photo is awesome and would definitely scare the pants off me. I would drive under it. But I might pose several feet in front of it for mock rock lifting photos!

Emoly said...

oops. I meant I wouldn't drive under it...

greg. said...

why did the comma cross the road?

Emoly said...

to get to the other side???? I don't know, why?

Max02 said...

Monument commemorating Pac Man and other giant heads with their mouths open is chiseled from bedrock, much to the chagrin of automotive drivers in the surrounding area.

pete s said...

"You should have seen the cow."