Wednesday, November 12, 2008


in keeping with tradition i am writing a post today to reflect on the steelers' last game, albeit a bit late in the week for such a response. the issue is that i am only now (wednesday night) getting to the point where i don't start throwing up in my mouth when i think about the game. basically, the lost a game that they never should have lost, to a colts team that showed up in a way they hadn't all year. even with the improved peyton and company on the field, there is no way the men of steel should have lost that game. without a ridiculous tipped pass they probably wouldn't have. it seems that most of steeler nation wants to blame big ben for the interceptions, or bruce arians for the play calling, but i fault injuries (not an excuse, but a reality), ike taylor's lack of vertical (or lack of stickum - catch the ball or knock it down, ike), and a lackluster performance by the hines field faithful. seriously people, everytime they showed the crowd there was tons of yellow empty seats. now listen to me, if you are a steeler fan and you can't go to the game, please understand that there are thousands upon thousands of us who would love to go and scream our bleeping heads off to try and mess up peyton and his audible-of-the-moment. so next time if you decide to take a sunday afternoon nap rather than go to the game, PLEASE send me your tickets. i have a big voice and i will use it. seriously.
i feel better now that i got that out. now we are 6-3, and we really need to play better to stay in step with the stupid ravens. we're playing the chargers this weekend, so we'll see what happens. i would hesitate to call it a must-win, but its pretty darn close.


Erin said...

Seriously, greg, i think calling the elite that have tickets the "steelers faithful" is wearing a little thin. those of us who spend every sunday afternoon yelling at our televisions, who couldn't get a ticket if we offered our firstborn get livid with the empty seats. what's the deal here, have we exported all our fans all over the country to the point that there aren't enough in pittsburgh anymore??? and don't even get me started on pitt football...

Michael said...

Good post Greg. Enjoyed reading this.

May we have better things to talk about next week after a beatdown of the Chargers!

-Blitz from BTSC -

Megan said...

Again, it seems like it comes down to a few plays gone wrong. I think that not getting a play off before the 2 min warning at the end really killed their momentum in the final drive. My parents were there so I felt sure we were going to come away with the win - they're notorious for being at big games. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

dude the only thing we share in common regarding football is a massive, irreversible, everlasting hatred of all things raven. i even got whiplash last time we motored down 95, turning my head from that maggot infested thing they call a stadium. my eyes must never gaze upon that horror of horrors. sorry about big ben (not). go bucks. julid