Tuesday, November 04, 2008


oh yeah. oh yeah. oh yeah. incredible fantastic awesomeness. am i being clear here? that i am really pleased with tonight's performance by the steelers? because if i'm not being clear, i can be a bit more emphatic. O MY GOSH OUR DEFENSE IS SO STINKING GOOD!
there, is that better? i hope so. because i want to express that this was a huge win. we needed this win after last weeks dismal outcome. we needed this for the momentum of our season, to maintain our lead over the ravens, to prove that we can beat the nfc east, and to rebuild some confidence. our defense came up huge tonight. i mean, they were stifling. 7 sacks. they held portis, the league's leading rusher, to 51 yards rushing. they intercepted jason campbell twice (he hadn't been picked off yet this year!). they only gave up 6 points on two field goals, both of which came on very short fields for the redskins. our defense was awesome.
the offense, on the other hand, left a little to be desired, but it seems somewhat clear that ben's been playing pretty hurt. and maybe for awhile. it was good to see willie back carrying the ball; it was good to see mewelde continue to contribute, and it was good to see santonio put the ganja down long enough to score a touchdown. now we are the second best team in the afc and looking forward to peyton and the colts coming to our place next week.
oh, one more thing. even the national media is impressed tonight at the number of steeler fans and terrible towels in fedex field in d.c. don't be surprised, people. that's how we roll. steeler nation, baby. halfway through the season and 6-2.


Mary said...

i'm still buzzing from that game too!

(the announcer annoyed me when he said he was dissappointed with all the steeler fans being there and all the terrible towels...i was like "w.t.freak?..i hate you")

they rocked my world last night.

Megan said...

I hated to see Big Ben go out, but it was nice to see a back up QB come in and do well. I think the Steelers could have taken down the Giants if not for a few bad plays b/c neither team was really on - we definitely needed to not be completely swept by the NFC East - it was hard enough for me to see them lose to the Eagles

Mindy said...

so, i thought i was moving far away from steeler country when i moved to Kentucky. however, i have seen multiple steeler bumper stickers, AND i saw a little Ben Roethlisberger on Halloween. steeler country is everywhere!

oh, and i miss you, shannon, jack and cade. i make chad look at all of your pictures.