Saturday, October 18, 2008


look, i don't want to 'pile on' the cincinnati bengals here, because it is just way too easy, but i simply googled the words "winless nfl team" and this picture popped up. that's pretty much all i need to say.

the steelers will travel to cincy tomorrow to play the bengals, where the steelers have won the last 6 in a row. the bengals best player (with all apologies to the freak show who wants to be called ocho cinco), carson palmer, is out. harvard alum ryan fitzpatrick will be starting as the bengals quarterback, although i doubt he'll be finishing, after mr. harrison and mr. woodley introduce themselves to him in the bengals backfield. i know i sound cocky here, but i am looking for the steelers to dominate. i know the bengals have played relatively well (at least better than their record indicates), and they could give pittsburgh alot of trouble, but the steelers need to own this game. if the steelers are really a dominant force to be reckoned with in the afc, they need to flex those muscles in this game. on defense they need to shut down the run, constantly pressure fitzpatrick, and make an interception or two. on offense they need to control the time of possession. just sustain long drives.

the game isn't on network tv out here in jersey, so i'll be heading to an 'establishment' to watch it. here's hoping that cincinnati is full of steeler fans who get to witness a dominant performance. who dey? we dey.

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Emoly said...

You know I rarely get involved in your sports blogs, because we have our beloved rivalry. I'm making an exception today.

Really? The Bengals showed up and NOT the Detroit Lions? Can we compare stats? I mean, the last time the Lions won a Championship it was before there was a Super Bowl. It was before the NFL. Now, I cheer for the Lions because my husband, God love him, is an unfaltering fan. Like I am with the Cubs.... Do I need to say more? But seriously, greg; the Lions didn't come up in your search????

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