Thursday, October 16, 2008

throwback thursday: fake tattoo

this weekend is my 10-year college reunion, which i won't be going to, but i thought for a throwback thursday pic this week, i would show you a picture that typifies me in college. notice the following:
+uniform wardrobe color (i wore orange nearly every day in college)
+fashion accessory (guitar) (unfortunately, the guitar has never been much more than that for me)
+the fake tattoo on my arm, which my friend christina drew. being a pretty sheltered kid and all, that was about the extent of my rebellion in college - a fake tattoo that said 'jesus loves you.' crazy.
its hard to believe i've been out of college for 10 years now, but it is true, whether i believe it or not. i'm getting old.


Mary said...

too cool for school! i wish you were coming to homecoming this weekend so i could cheer you on as you walked through the parade :)

John said...

lol @ fake tatoo!

Crafty P said...

I seriously drew that? must have drank too much in college... i so don't remember details like that.

i have that picture. i believe i roasted you once on my blog way back when.

old fart. hey, wait, that makes me old too!

greg. said...

yes, crafty p, you drew it. you just copied the design that was on my little change thing that i carried around. do you remember that?

you drew it at kings. while i ate a k-boy and you munched on saltines and water.

Crafty P said...

okay. i did not eat saltines and water.

i always ordered the eggel bagel without the eggel.

and yes, i remember that change purse fondly. i had one, too, and just went looking for it a few weeks ago to pass it along to the young uns. can't find it.

Anonymous said...

you can't whine until it's been 30 years post-grad. yikes. julid