Thursday, October 30, 2008

the reaching

i sold this collage and another today off my etsy site. that means i've sold 15 collages since i decided to try and see if there would be any interest out there in some guy's productions of glued paper. it is still hard for me to believe that anyone would really want one of these, but it certainly is affirming to see that some people, apparently, do. its been fun seeing how other people react to my art, the questions they ask, and the things they are drawn to. at this point in my journey i continue to feel this deep-down-in-my-soul-need to glue bits of paper together and turn them into something that would never have otherwise been, and so i keep making these collages.

"the reaching"

paper collage on cardboard panel

gregory a. milinovich


Crafty P said...

ooo, i like this one a lot!

Mary said...

oh man! i've always really liked that one! i guess you are going to have to just start making prints of your collages for people like me :)

NJ Grandma said...

Like every one else that one was one of my favorites. Mary is right - you are going to have to start prints of your master pieces. Hope the boys have a great Halloween. We want to see pictures. Love from FUMCTR

greg. said...

thank you all for the affirmation. 2 things:

1. i have digital copies of all my collages, so making a print is a piece of cake.

2. i have other collages for sale at could make good christmas gifts!

but seriously, if you want a print of something, just let me know.


love the composition and the use of red.