Wednesday, October 29, 2008

october snow

while it remains october on the calendar, the weather around here seems to be a bit confused. these pictures are from my house yesterday. that's right. october 28th. some areas around us had about 4 inches! holy crap.

check out the great pics at the bottom of shannon and cade catching snow flakes in their mouths. priceless.


jasonandryansmommy said...

Great pictures!

Emoly said...

I wondered how much snow you guys got... the news kept showing Mt. Olive.

More is coming....

Crafty P said...

seriously? how did you guys get that and we got... nothing?

are you going to talk about November Rain next week?

ps. that was one of my FAVORITE songs throughout HS (and college....)!

Rebecca said...

We had snow flurries this morning. I almost thought about blogging about it and titling it "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

I guess flurries just aren't gonna cut it.

I need a blizzard to top this!

Love the pictures!

Mary said...

so cute! and im amazed by how much snow you have! wow! i remember last halloween it was hot and in the 70's...this year i'll be wearing my ear muffs!