Wednesday, October 08, 2008

blood and sunlight

"there's blood down here...and sunlight, too"
mixed media collage on art paper
gregory a. milinovich

this collage is just my way of saying that while sometimes the bad news of the world is stifling, there is always hope. there is always hope. no matter how cynical i get about the politicans; no matter how many points the dow drops; no matter how far the greed of people and corporations goes; no matter how bleak the future seems, there is always hope. and my hope is not just wishes or fanciful dreams, but based in the belief that Jesus Christ became the ultimate brokenness so that he can redeem the brokenness of this world. and so, yes, there's blood down here. sometimes it seems like the blood is all over the place. but there's sunlight, too. and it tells us of a coming kingdom, a coming wholeness, a day when there will be no more war over oil, no more fighting over money, and no more hunger while others live in obscene excess. may you find ways to cling to that hope in these days.

just a reminder: you can see many of my collages here. who knows? maybe you'll find something you like!

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Pastor Blue Jeans said...

Excellent words my brother. Great thoughts for me to start my day with, I really needed to hear them.