Monday, October 27, 2008


the steelers lost yesterday. to the stinkin' new york giants, which is pretty much the favored team around here, so i have to hear it for awhile. blah.

plus, i'm super exhausted from being out late last night at the coldplay concert, which means i'm not emotionally capable of dealing with this loss. basically, i didn't think they would win, and they didn't, so there you go. next week is the redskins on monday night, and we just have to try and make sure we have enough players to field a team by then, since most of our starters seem to be pretty significantly hurt.

i'll write about coldplay tomorrow. it was awesome.


Larry said...


I needed your team yesterday. They killed me. My weekend was GREAT and would have been PERFECT if the Steelers would have beat the stinkin' Giants!

Peace Bro, hope all is well

John said...

I was hoping the Steelers would slap a loss on the Giants. It would have helped my team (yea, its real cool being a Philly fan living in Dallas). Plus the nose tackle went to high school with me. Oh yea, I'm sure he remembers me. I just hope he's making as much money as I am now. Stay blessed...john