Monday, October 20, 2008


well, i had hoped for a dominating performance by the steelers yesterday, and i didn't really get it, so while i am very satisfied with another victory, i am disappointed about the way the steelers failed to dominate the game.
they started off strong, going up 10-0, and looking like they were going to control the game the way i had hoped. but then they faltered. they just allowed the bengals to hang around. maybe they were 'playing down' to their opponent, as teams will often do, but it was very frustrating, to be sure. frustrating, that is, until the fourth quarter, when the steelers flexed their muscles, scoring 21 minutes in the final period.
a few highlights: limas sweed caught his first pass...mewelde moore, picked up in the offseason from the minnesota vikings' trash heap, scored three touchdowns and ran for 120 yards...hines ward, my favorite player ever, who has been fined recently by the nfl for playing the game the way he has always played - tough - hit a linebacker so hard that he knocked him out of the game (and possibly for the season)...the steelers gave up no sacks (with two starters on the offensive line out) and sacked fitzpatrick seven times...hines ward has more red zone touchdown catches since 2002 than any other player...the steelers have now won 7 in a row in cincy and 11 in a row in ohio.
so, it was a good day for the men of steel. but if they want to beat the reigning super bowl champions (new york giants) next sunday in pittsburgh, they'll have to play better than that.

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