Monday, October 06, 2008


well, after last monday's game against the ravens, when the steelers' locker room turned into a hospital; and after a short work week; after so many injuries and starters out for the game; after ben barely practiced all week and players didn't wear full pads; after the way the jags owned us last year, twice; after all that, i wasn't at all confident about going down to jacksonville and coming out with a win.

but that's exactly what we did. great defense (other than some questionable play in the secondary - i'm not sure townsend is completely healthy). great job by alot of backups. great job by the receivers getting open. great job by the line, especially on run blocking. great job by the coaching staff who clearly made the right decisions all week about how to handle practice, and then how to play this team. but most of all, great game by ben. i still wish he wouldn't hold the ball so long so he could avoid a couple of those sacks, but man he played tough. the play where he had jags hanging off of him and he still completed that pass across the middle to hines was incredible, and vintage big ben. he gets the game ball, in my opinion.

i'm proud of this team today. this was a great deal of adversity, and they faced it with a great deal of resolve and determination, and even when the tide began to turn in the jags favor late in the game, the steelers did not pack it up and start heading out of town. they pushed even harder and they were rewarded with a victory, a bye-week to get some physical rest, and with a nice cushion in the division as they head into the rest of the schedule.


Rebecca said...

My first going to Heinz Field to see a Steeler game experience was against Jacksonville in the 05-06 season. They beat us. I peed my pants in the stands (I was pregnant and jumping up and down...not a good combo).

I really dislike Jacksonville for beating us the first time I saw the black and gold play. I am so glad that we beat them last night...on their turf to boot.

Megan said...

I love coming in as the underdog and winning!

greg. said...

look, rebecca. sorry about the whole "i was pregnant and had a human being pressing against my bladder" thing, but you need to understand that i pretty much pee my pants during every steeler game. in part this is because i get way too intense, but it is also because i can't see the tv from my bathroom, and i am always scared that i will miss a play if i try to go during the commercial.

am i crazy? yes.

and i'm also glad that you are a true fan who not only went to heinz field while you were pregnant, but still holds a grudge against the team that beat us. i love that.

Rebecca said...

I just peed my pants from laughing at your comment...and I'm not preggers anymore.


Might I also add that it was a blustery, cold day for this pregnant momma to be and the hot chocolate was not cutting it close (nor the human being squished up in my uterus) to keeping me warm.

And that baby? Well, he was born Superbowl weekend. And that was the year we won. It was an especially good weekend for the hubby and I. I'm not sure which one made my hubby smile more...the baby or the superbowl ring.