Thursday, September 25, 2008


here is my most recent attempt to make a video. i'm having fun with it. at least enjoy the playfulness of my kids. i wish i was half as playful as they are.


NJ Grandma said...

Great work Greg - the boys are getting so big. You got some really cute shots.

Mary said...

OH my gosh that was awesome. there was so much cute stuff in there! how have i never seen cade dressed up like a naval officer?!!! oh my goodness! and him falling asleep was so priceless. and jack saying "tell me" whenever he forgot to wash his hands and was busted. wow....i love these videos because i feel more connected with the boys :) keep em coming...and im super glad you are home safe and sound and back to us.

DogBlogger said...

My favorite part?

"Good Picking Here"

All cute, though.

Crafty P said...

sweet. love the shot of cade falling asleep.

such fun to hear voices of everyone, too.

makes me want a video camera.

cathyq said...

Thanks for the video! I miss them so much; it makes my heart hurt. Geez. Tell them to stop growing until I see them again.

Bring them to Memaw's house soon.