Tuesday, September 23, 2008


greg asked me (shannon, his wife) to share with you that he is currently marooned at a retreat center on the jersey shore. he thought he would have internet access, but he has been denied. he is at a training for a few days and little did he know he has no access to internet, tv, or snacks. i think the last one has hit him the hardest -- he is sneaking bananas from dinner to eat at night - i think he said he had three already today! his obsessive compulsive nature would not allow bilbo and frodo's birthdays to remain his last post, so he gave me the privilege to post for him... now i have to start scheming for tomorrow's post... this is almost too much power... but alas, i fear that when he returns he will get even, so i will leave you with this: pray for greg, he has the shakes from not eating junk food at night, he hasn't watched sports since the steelers lost on sunday, he hasn't been able to change his facebook profile picture (which tells people to go to his blog in some cheesy fashion), he has no TV or internet and is reduced to playing solitaire, and above all, he is away from his amazing wife and beautiful children! i am sure he will write more about this conference on thursday and you can guarantee it will be 10 xs more dramatic than my post. love you greg, can't wait for you to return from the wilderness!


Crafty P said...

oh no, the shakes? poor old man.

you are such a good and faithful wife for letting us know.

our prayers (and snickers- HA! pun intended) are with him.

Emoly said...

Speak out Shannon! Let's see what you can show the world!!! :) Of course, you do have your own website. Where you sell your business. Greg is just selling us his thoughts.... that is not meant to be mean to either of you! ;) I'm sure he'll survive... maybe. Good luck brave Shannon.

Megan said...

Are you sure this isn't part of a scheme to get you to blog?! You're gonna get tons of comments and get hooked on the rush! ;)

cathyq said...

Has he tried locusts and honey yet? Someone named John recommended them for a good late-night snack. HA! Poor guy. No chips or cookies or anything? He is definitely roughing it; however, it is nice to hear you make fun of him without him here to defend himself. Keep it up, you may not get another chance for a long time. Don't tell him I said that.

Cindy M. said...

It must be fun to be a fly on a wall in your home! Between the two of you and your antics! Shannon, I have never left a comment on Greg's blog, I am just a "creeper"... but I must say..."You did a fine job covering your hubby's job!"

3 BANANAS!!!??? Oh my!