Friday, September 19, 2008

jack busts a move

now that i have learned how to do this, look for more home videos that you really don't want to see, coming soon to this blog. like this one. jack decides to get all funky and drop it like its hot. crazy beatboxing provided by yours truly. enjoy.


Megan said...

That is hilarious - definitely worth a few repeat viewings. I wonder how he learned to dance like that? Shannon? hmmm...his style definitely reminds me of someone....I just can't quite place it! JK!! Love it -

Mary said...

oh my gosh! that kid has sweeter moves than me!!! He could be in the middle of a crowd doing that with everyone chanting "go jack, go jack, its your birthday!"

he's flippin cool. (and im going to steal some of those sweet action moves)

aunt julie said...

all i kept doing when i watched the video three times in a row was laughing out loud and saying, i can't handle how friggin cute this is! then there's cade trying to talk... i'm going to squeeze them! (just wait until i see them next.)

seriously, jack has some groove.

NJ Grandma said...

Awesome job Jack :)

Rick and Christy Durrance said...

OK, this is so funny on many different levels. Aren't kids and their uninhibited dancing so fun?!? But I have to say, it was the beatboxing that had me traveling down memory lane. I don't know how many times we endured--I mean enjoyed-- you and Joe Sawyer breaking out in random raps...Thanks for the memory!