Sunday, September 14, 2008

finish the deal

its game day, and i know it is hard to name this post 'finish the deal' when its only week two, but i'm not talking about finishing the season (i'm under no delusions about the steelers. they beat the texans in game 1. there are alot of games to go). however, after the beating that ohio state took from usc last night, i'm hoping that the steelers can finish the deal and leave the whole state of ohio with an erie feeling of being completely dominated (i know i spelled erie wrong, people. c'mon, give me some credit).

the steelers need to go out to cleveland and make a statement about the force that they intend to be in the afc this year, especially with the recent problems in san diego and new england. also, with the touch schedule the steelers have, divisional games are pretty much must-wins. so we need to beat the cleveland clowns tonight. go stillers!!!


ps. i know i misspelled steelers. its a pittsburgh thing. if you don't know, now you know.


Crafty P said...


However, I do not stand in a united front with you about THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY'S beating last night. I had a very unhappy husband.

Dan said...

Greetings from Erie PA. I don't think Pittsburgh came in and quite made the statement you were looking for. I don't think a 10-6 victory was what you were looking for. Although it was a victory, I think their is a big difference between the NFC and AFC this year.

greg. said...

oh yes. it was a perfect ending, dan. i wasn't looking for any statement whatsoever. just a 'w.' and that's what we got. i knew that the browns got better over the off season, and i know that they have been the trendy pick to win the division, and so i wasn't looking to go into cleveland and win big or easy. just win. and that's what we did. the game was dictated, at least in part, by the elements, and the steelers managed it well. it really came down to some poor decision making by the browns coaches, and the inability to run the ball. listen, would i love the steelers to win 45-0 every week? you bet! yoi! but that isn't going to happen, so i will take wins however they come, especially over division rivals.

and christina, tell your unhappy husband that college football is not a level playing field, and while the corn nuts (buckeyes?) are good, they are not in the same league as the SEC and other teams like USC. sorry.