Saturday, September 06, 2008

the core of the issue (an issue with my core)

you know you've got some issues with your core (a fancy way of saying "gut") when you're eating watermelon with your family at the dinner table and you tell your three old not to eat the black seeds because a watermelon will grow in his belly, just like it did with you...
...and he believes you.
his eyes got real big and he wanted to touch it and for days afterwards he was convinced that i had a watermelon under my skin. i could see it in his saucer-like eyes: "oooohhh, that explains it," he was thinking. "now i understand why daddy's belly is so big!"
now that's motivation when i'm working out. if only i could shrink that watermelon to a cantaloupe or even a large naval orange, i would be much happier, right down to my core.


NJ Grandma said...

A little scary when they have those big eyes looking at you and you wonder what is going on in their little heads. You have to love them!!

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

So that's what's going on with me. A watermelon in my belly. I should have know it all along.