Saturday, September 27, 2008

antwone fisher

while i was away from internet/tv this week (at a gorgeous retreat center right on the atlantic ocean), i did have the opportunity to see a film that i had been wanting to see for some time. antwone fisher is the story of a young man who comes to term with his past. this is denzel washington's directorial debut, and as such is really well done. it isn't perhaps the greatest movie in the world, and tends to have a made-for-tv feel to it (as many 'inspired by a true story' movies often do), but the story is so strong, the redemption so sweet, that it is worth seeing. the cast is generally unknown to me, which i like, because i don't see actors so much as real people.
i think we've all got some demons in our past, and the fact that antwone is able to face his (and his are really awful) with courage and integrity is absolutely inspiring. and its not just the past. his commitment to this journey can inspire us to deal with our present, too, and the way we've been failing to do all we can with the relationships that mean the most to us. denzel plays a psychiatrist who, through his work with antwone, is challenged to face the breakdown of his relationship with his wife. ultimately, this film is about the importance of family, forgiveness, and courage. i recommend it.


cathyq said...

What is this movie rated? Also, is it too violent? I love Denzel, so I am inclined to see any of is movies, but I cannot remember this one or why I didn't see it.

greg. said...

it is pg-13. it isn't violent. it deals with some heavy emotional issues, including abuse, so that is the reason for the rating.

it is worth seeing!