Sunday, September 21, 2008


okay. so see this picture? it is pretty cool, because it is apparently is a picture of the only play in the entire game in which big ben was not sacked by the philadelphia defense. overall, it was an ugly football game, as many of the steelers games are, and the steelers defense played very well, but the eagles defense played that much better, and i have to give them credit: they took it to the steelers offense, particularly the o-line. the steelers front 6 and 7 looked lost, confused, and overmatched.
most disturbing of all, for me, was the fact that the steelers couldn't adjust at halftime. this is not a good sign for the steelers. i don't think the eagles are really that good. if we can't even beat the eagles (without westbrook, too), then i'm not sure we're as good as we had hoped.
well, we've got a week to figure it out and prepare for the tough baltimore defense next monday night.

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