Thursday, August 14, 2008

throwback thursday: steeler fan

here's a little throwback for your thursday. this little gem highlights the fact that i've been a steelers fan from way-back. and what young steelers fan doesn't want a steelers corkboard?
actually, it was a really cool gift because the pushpins were actually the helmets of all the nfl teams. these were useful for holding up important documents (what important documents could i have possibly had?) as well as (threatening to) poke my sisters with them.
also important to note in this old photograph taken at my grandparents house, at christmas time, i guess, is the wristbands that i'm wearing with my wrangler jeans and long-sleeved collared shirt. why was i sweating? working so hard thinking of how i was going to use a corkboard?
in any case, i still love wristbands, and i still love the steelers, so, as much as things change, they stay the same.
ps. i did awful golfing the other day. i hit the ball straight (most of the time), but i hit it low, along the ground, and therefore not very far. i couldn't get rid of the old baseball swing. what was my score? i don't know. i didn't even add it up at the end. couldn't bear to.

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Emoly said...


If a Hockey swing helped Happy Gilmore, you never know. Maybe your baseball swing could help in golf. I say practice more! ;)

And really, you never poked your sisters with the push pins? (I'd like to hear that from them) ;)

I had the cereal bowl baseball caps... Do you remember those? I'll have to find out if my parents still have them.

Thanks for throwing back another Thursday!